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Both of this year's winners were known for their challenges to normalcy including religion.
Dr. Robert Newport (Brother Hypocrates Magoun). He is a psychiatrist who knew
OPers Greg Hill (
Malaclypse the Younger) and Kerry Thornley (Omar Khayyam
Ravenhurst) in high school. He contributed “The Parable of the Bitter Tea” to Principia
. He helped run Hill’s Cinema Rio Theater. From the estate of the late Greg
Hill, he contributed the vast majority of the archives for
Historia Discordia compiled by
Adam Gorightly.
Monty Python
Robert Newport
Monty Python. M. Python revolutionized comedy, but also challenged social norms,
religious credulity and hypocrisy, and closed-mindedness. Seven asteroids are named
after M.P., and “Pythonesque” was entered into the
Oxford English Dictionary–but won
the award in spite of those. And likely no one else was honored by having a wheel of
cheese (“Cheese Shop,” “Blessed are the cheesemakers”) sent into Earth orbit.
Monty Python
The fifth group to award the
Order of the Pineapple was the
Order of the Pineapple itself.  By
the end of 2010, the group was
thought big enough to give its
own award.
Robert Newport
The 40th annual award (39th anniversary) was announced on 18 January 2021, or 18
Chaos 3187. One was an original Discordian and contributor to
Principia Discordia, and
the other challenged social, religious, and political norms through comedy.
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