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It's unfortunately unknown how
many chapters of the Ek-sen-triks
Cluborguild were formed. While
this one called itself the 5th, it was
likely Earth's second chapter.
The tenth award dates to 1 January 1991, or 1 Chaos 3157.  This is the first year it was
given by Earth Chapter 5 of the Ek-sen-triks Cluborguild and the only year it wasn't
given on 18 January. It was called the
Triple Palindromic Pineapple Award, because
they first gave it to three people (their founders) on 1 1 1991 (the month, day and year
were all the same backwards; thus, a triple palindrome). Perhaps appropriately, this
was the only year there were three winners.
Chapter 5 was formed by President Aladdin Sane (Chapter One alumnus), President of
Uncle Arthur (aka Wet Willie) and Sexetary-Treasure Chest Queen Bitch--all
named themselves after David Bowie songs. And all three won the award this year
Aladdin Sane was a member of the original Ek-sen-triks Cluborguild who decided to
form a new chapter. Like many of the original ECGers, he was a roleplayer. While the
award was originally given on Robert Anton Wilson's birthday and original ECG member
Moondancer had been friends with WIlson's daughter Luna, Aladdin formed the first
chapter that was specifically tied to DIscordianism. This chapter was more-or-less also
a Discordian cabal.

Anyone who knows how to contact Aladdin is asked to send us an email to the address
listed on our
Aladdin Sane
Uncle Arthur
A traveler, biologist, and human lie detector, Uncle Arthur was known for being
relatively quiet and then suddenly flinging an off-the-wall zinger. His moniker is
apparently based not only on the David Bowie song of the same name, but also on Paul
Lynde's character Uncle Arthur on American television's
Bewitched. Like the David
Bowie character, he was a big fan of comics including

Anyone who knows how to contact Arthur is asked to send us an email to the address
listed on our
Fortunately, Queen Bitch is not missing but found the new O.P. herself. Formerly a zoo
worker and a security guard, she was known for her ability to kick in doors. As she
says, unfortunately sometimes those who owned the doors didn't want them kicked
down. She claims to currently be a superhero who rides a horse and shoots lighting
from her lance. In her secret identity she is disguised as a somewhat mild-manner
bioengineer, specifically in cloning. If you want a backup for your aging cat Tittles, she's
your engineer.
Queen Bitch
The image of Pat Pineapple in the background is by
Toby Bruno and used with permission.  We released
the white textured wallpaper into the public domain.
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