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The white textured wallpaper was released it into the
public domain.
The 33rd annual award (32nd anniversary) was given on 18 January 2014, or 18
Chaos 3180.  It celebrated the old and the new; a researcher, collector, reviewer, and
distributor of classic Erisiana, and a writer who contributed new Discordian work to a
number of online and print publications.
Discordian works of Miley Spears and His Wholiness the Rev. DrJon can be found several
places online.  Both have work that appears in
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of
; Miley by direct submission, and DrJon by open permission.  DrJon is the only
honoree to cite Groucho.
Miley Spears co-wrote "Discordianism" and got two of her articles on Discordian
American Princesses featured on
Uncyclopedia, and was the primary influence behind
making DAPs its own category.  Miley wrote or co-wrote Discordian items for
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht, wiki, Urban Dictionary, and
Intermittens Magazine, and also writes for Wikipedia.  Miley's Website
Miley Spears
His Wholiness the Rev. DrJon
His Wholiness the Rev. DrJon (aka Dr. Jon Swabey) compiled what is probably the 21st
century's first Discordian tome
Apocrypha Discordia which included both new and
old-but-previously-unknown Discordian material.  DrJon retrieved an early version
(thought at the time to be  the first) of
Principia Discordia, and wrote an outroduction for
the first hardback edition since 1976 for
Principia Discordia.  DrJon's Website
His Wholiness the
Rev. DrJon
Miley Spears
"Thank you, thank you,
thank you!  You know,
I couldn't fit this
pineapple in my bag,
totally cool, so, thank
you guys very much.  I
promise if I see The
Midget twerking, I will
try to spank his

Miley Spears

For those who don’t
get Miley’s reference,
Miley Ray Cyrus very
recently said
something very similar
(and apparently lit a
joint) upon receiving
an award, and recently
apparently spanked a
twerking little person.

The Midget is a major
character in
Illuminatus! Trilogy

"Thank you for your
touching recognition,
however it is with great
regret that, due to the
St. Groucho Principle, i
must sadly decline the
honour of
'The Order
of the Pineapple'."

"Yrs, &etc.,
Martin Luther Blissett Jr.
"Committee for Public

His Wholiness the
Rev. DrJon

For those who don’t
get DrJon’s reference
to the St. Groucho
Principle, Groucho
Marx said,

“I don’t want to belong
to any club that will
accept me as a
Order of the Pineapple was the
Order of the Pineapple itself.  By
the end of 2010, the group was
thought big enough to give its
own award.
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