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The white textured wallpaper was released it into the
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Discordian works of Timothy Bowen and Pope Hildegard can be found several places online
and in print.  Much of Hilde's work is done behind the scenes, whereas Bowen can be found
in front of the camera.
Pope Hildegard is a journalist and Discordian writer for the wiki, Ek-sen-trik-kuh
Discordia, and Intermittens Magazine; interviewer for, and leader
and founding member of the Discordian
Shamlicht Kids Club.
Rev. Timothy Edward Bowen
Pope Hildegard
Timothy Bowen (Ol Boy Floats) is the editor and interviewer for Voices of Chaos,
author/compiler of
Jonesboro Discordia; and guest appearing on The Jerry Springer
as a (fake) brony for My Little Pony. Tim's Website
Rev. Timothy Edward
Pope Hildegard
"Pineapples. Those are
funny things. Neither
Pine nor Apple, it is a
fruit with many uses. It
can be used as a
weapon, as a back
scratcher, or as a
delicious treat.
Discordianism is very
similar to a Pineapple
in that way. I have
personally used
Discordianism as a
weapon, back
scratcher, and a
delicious treat. I think
that’s what separates
the men from the boys.

"I’m really happy to
accept this award and I
would like to thank all
of the people who
helped get me here;
Jerry Springer, Lady
Gaga, The Amazing
Atheist, #Gamergate,
Ronald McDonald,
Obama, I can go on. I
will go on. Allow me to
go on.

"On second thought,
I'd rather not go on.
The one person I’d
truly like to thank is
myself. I’m a great
person. I won an
award, how can I not
be great?

"Now here’s hoping
this award gets me laid!

"Ron Paul 2016"

Rev. Timothy Edward
"This is such a nice
honor. Especially to
get in with Timothy
Bowen. I’ve done so
little lately; will have to
start editing wikis and
doing Discordian-
pineapplely thing again
so maybe I’ll deserve
this. I’m too late to eat
pineapple for this year,
but promise to in 2016!
Hail Eris! All Hail Pat

Pope Hildegard
The fifth group to award the
Order of the Pineapple was the
Order of the Pineapple itself.  By
the end of 2010, the group was
thought big enough to give its
own award.
The 34th annual award (33rd anniversary) was given on 18 January 2015, or 18 Chaos
3181. Both winners were writers who contributed to online and printed Discordian
works, but apparently none of the same works.  Apparently, the Order of the Pineapple
is the first place their paths ever crossed.
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